Youth Programs

DCTFC has a broad-based campaign to keep youth tobacco free and works directly with DC youth in promoting peer ambassadors and trainers in a youth-talking-to-youth approach. For information on any of the listed programs, call Falasha Culpepper at 202.506.6122.

Toxic Soup

“Toxic Soup” is a unique program designed to teach children in elementary and middle school about the toxic ingredients found in tobacco smoke. With students as active role players in this program, visual representations of the toxins found in tobacco smoke are “mixed” into a toxic soup. During the making of the soup, consumer products that contain the same chemicals found in tobacco smoke are used as ingredients of the toxic mixture. The warning label on each consumer product is read to illustrate the toxic and dangerous nature of the chemical. The point of the program is to show that the public is adequately warned about the poisons in other consumer products, but not warned at all when the same toxin is found in tobacco smoke. This program is also conducted at community youth organizations and events.

“Nasty” Educational Video Program

Nasty is 45-minute educational program, including a four and a half minute rap video depicting the tobacco industry’s tactics to target youth as replacement smokers. The program also includes a facilitator’s guide to create a dialogue among youth about the adverse social and physical effects of tobacco use. Nasty was written by former Denver Broncos player, Steve Fitzhugh, and performed by Fitzhugh, students and alumni of Anacaostia High School in Washington, DC.

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