Resources, Tools & Fact Sheets

Stay in the know with information about the dangers of tobacco products and smoking and what's being done locally and across the nation to keep our residents safe from tobacco.


DC Tobacco Facts

Facts and figures that tell the story of the impact tobacco has in our local Washington, DC community.


Secondhand Smoke

Breathing secondhand smoke can be harmful, especially for children, pets and adults with lung illnesses.


Youth & JUULs

From the Truth Initiative: Almost one-fifth of middle and high school students have seen the popular new e-cigarette JUUL used in school, according to a Truth Initiative survey.


Tobacco & Health

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Fast Facts about the health impact of tobacco.


E-cigarettes Facts

From the Truth Initiative: A fact-filled page about e-cigarettes, vaping and other related tobacco products.


Toxic Smoke Facts

Did you know that cigarettes contains over 200 toxic chemicals? 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer.


Experiential Marketing

From the Truth Initiative: Learn how tobacco is markets at concerts, bars, clubs and social activities.