DC Tobacco Free Coalition By-Laws Amendment

Amendment – Modification(s) to the District of Columbia Tobacco Free Coalition By-Laws

At the meeting on August 9, 2012, the Executive Committee of the DCTFC voted to approve a “Policy Description for Fiscal Agent of the Coalition”. 

Related By-law changes: 

Article I. General _ Section 4 p.1:  Fiscal Agency 

The fiscal agent will abide by the Coalition’s principles for operation in addition to: conducting all of its activities under the purview of the Executive Committee led by the Coalition Chairperson or Treasurer; 

The fiscal agent is not eligible for the Coalition Chairperson, Vice-chair person or Treasurer Positions. However, the member agency that serves as the fiscal agency has a vote as a Coalition member.  It has the ability to conduct its own agency business separate from the Coalition.  Any potential conflicts of interest between its agency business and the Coalition’s business should be reported to the Coalition Executive Committee for discussion and resolution on a case by case basis; 

The fiscal agent is appointed and serves at the pleasure of the Coalition Executive Committee.  The fiscal agent’s performance will be reviewed by an annual audit by an audit committee led by the Coalition Treasurer or, if necessary, an external accounting firm.  

Article III Coalition Officers _ Section 1 p. 4: Leadership 

The EC voted to add a Treasurer to the Coalition Officers.  

Article III Coalition Officers _ Section 6 Duties and Responsibilities p. 5: 

D. Treasurer  
The duties of the Treasurer will be to oversee and report on financial matters of the Coalition.  The Treasurer shall provide periodic Treasurer’s report on the financial status of the Coalition to the Executive Committee and the Coalition.  The Treasurer will receive monthly, quarterly and annual reports from the Fiscal Agent for the Coalition and will be responsible for oversight of the Fiscal Agent’s operations, including an annual audit.

Please click here to download the Amendment – Modification(s) to the District of Columbia Tobacco Free Coalition By-Laws.